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Style 1: One-shoulder tied bow
Style 2: Classic halter with front tie
Style 3: Clean one-shoulder with front tie
Style 4: Criss-cross v-neck, tied shoulders
Style 5: Criss-cross v-neck shawl
Style 6: Criss-cross halter, front tied sash
Style 7: One shoulder neck tie
Style 8: Criss-cross off the shoulder
Style 9: Criss-cross wide halter with back tied sash
Style 10: One-panel, one shoulder tied bow
Style 11: Front v-draped neck sash
Style 12: Halter with twisted straps
Style 13: Knotted wide shoulder straps
Style 14: Draped one shoulder wrap
Style 15: Blouson wrap
Style 16: Clean one shoulder, ruched waist
Style 17: Clean halter, ruched waistband