Do Perfect Bridesmaids Dresses Exist?

Chiffon or taffeta, cocktail or full length, strapless or jewel neck - there is a world of choice for wedding attendants looking for a dress that best fits the occasion. The final decision is bound to be influenced by a number of factors, such as what sort of budget you have at your disposal, what signals you have received from the bride about the nature of the ceremony or whether you would want to wear the piece again. But what matters more than anything else is that it is your friend's unique life experience and you have a special role to play by her side.

In the end, being called in to act as a bridesmaid is an honor and, importantly, a reflection of a close relationship with the bride-to-be. With a personal history of friendship and support, very often throughout a relationship that is about to become formalized, you are there to stand by the bride's side as she prepares to take marriage vows. It goes without saying that your friend would love bridesmaids dresses to match the moment.

The question is how to marry all these requirements and expectations regarding nuptial apparel of a bridesmaid? It would be nice to be able to feel comfortable, natural and stylish during the ceremony and the wedding reception, but also not have to relegate the dress to the darkest corners of your closet the following day. It would be nice to be fashion-forward, not just ultraconservative, but also retain the dignity and traditionalism that are associated with getting married. It would be nice to look at yourself in the wedding photos without embarrassment both now and in a decade or two.

Can you find such ideal creations among bridesmaids dresses? It might be futile to seek perfection. All other things being excellent, a great candidate may be a budget buster, its neckline could be a bit reckless, it might run the risk of going out of style too fast or being ahead of its time for such an occasion. Possibly, the closest you can get to hitting a happy medium is some combination of reserved style, simplicity and timeless design. Plus a handful of extras, like a belt or a fluffy hat, to accessorize just for this special once.

Jenny Yoo is a creator and manufacturer of designer bridesmaids dresses that are known for their understated elegance and simplicity.