Bridesmaid Dress Dilemmas

Finding an ideal bridesmaid dress may be as challenging as finding an ideal candidate for a husband, but the good news is that in both categories there is ample competition. Conventions change and nowadays brides often leave their wedding attendants plenty of freedom when it comes to selecting color or fabric, rather than requesting specific details that match her bridal looks. In many celebrations, there are as many different dresses as there are bridesmaids and the attitude to accessories is equally liberal. This trend represents both a challenge and an opportunity.

On the one hand, without clear instructions from a bride as to what is expected in relation to a bridesmaid dress, attendants are left without a fashion issue they have to settle for themselves. This is never easy considering the amount of pressure around wedding ceremonies. They need to strike a balance between a number of requirements and expectations, often conflicting, including - among others - budget limitations, tradition vs latest fashion or intended life of a dress. It is not uncommon to hear bridesmaids asking themselves whether they want to wear something that would make them shine just this once or a piece that is more universal, if less nuptial.

On the other hand, being able to choose your own unique bridesmaid dress is a freedom you can take fantastic advantage of. With the current array of designers and manufacturers vying for your attention, just picking and choosing could feel like an act of creation. Is it going to be chiffon or tulle, cocktail or full length, strapless or one shoulder - you decide what best fits your needs and the occasion. Wedding ceremonies might not be the right place to make an aggressive fashion statement, but there is definitely plenty of room for style seeking, experimenting with convention and reinventing the tradition. Why not make the most of this potential?

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